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Thread: Blackmachine 8 mix test

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    Blackmachine 8 mix test

    Can you guys please help me get a better mix?

    This is just some random riff that I am using to try and get a mix that doesn't suck:

    My play along GP files, books, posters all available at:

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    what gear are you using?

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    Black Machine F8
    Axe FX ultra
    Saffire Pro 24
    Logic (I have no idea how to use Logic)
    EZ Mix and some EQ within Logic

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    I'm not the best guy to answer this, but the first place to start with super low tunings is a bowel-destroying bass tone.

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    Yeah, I am using 2 bass tones. One is clean and the other one sounds like a distorted mess. I think the main problems with the mix are the punchyness of the drums, but I have no idea how to actually make them punchier.

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    Im no expert compared to rest of guys here. but from personal experience, arrangement and content are crucial. When i started putting more though in arrangement and song i was working on, mixes started to get better. Having an idea, before recording, of somewhat of a finished product helped me tremendous. thinking about the tones of each instrument and how they play together. Allowed the raw tracks to sound better to start with. Makes it easier to mix them togther.

    I am sure some of the more experienced guys will help you more though.

    I like to use Gclip on individual drum tracks to make em more in your face. Bit crusher on kick too latly.

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    Everything sounds really thin and hollow. There's no real bottom end on it, and nothing in the low mids.

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    You're right. I will randomly add more mid to the guitars.

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