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Thread: Feedback on organic rock mix? - natural drums etc..

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    Feedback on organic rock mix? - natural drums etc..


    Hi guys,

    I recently fully treated my mixing room and this is the first mix session I've had since doing so, it'd be great to get some feedback on how this track is translating on your systems if you don't mind giving it a listen.

    It's not complete - the vocals haven't been comped yet so I've left those out. The drums are fully natural (no samples), which I'm happy about, and there isn't any limiting on the 2bus so you will need to turn it up a bit.

    Any feedback would be awesome, especially regarding low end.


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    Ok that sounds great. Not really anything I could pick up on that I would change, but others on here have better ears than me so maybe they'll find something. But for me, it sounds great. It's really nice and 'punchy'.

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    Awesome, really glad to hear it's sounding good at your end. I'm updating the link right now with some minor adjustments I wanted to make after stepping away for a little bit, but it's nothing extreme at all.

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    The bass guitar makes the mix what it is... I wish more people understood that.

    Good job man!

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    I'll give it a listen when I get home through the ol' trusty rig.


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    Sounds great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nolly View Post
    and there isn't any limiting on the 2bus
    And it's rockin' that way.

    To my ears, the snare drum has too much low end. There's a "boom" to it that quickly gets fatiguing. Other than that, it's a very, very nice production.

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    Sounds KILLER thru my busted ass mono PC speaker. This translates really well when a lot of mixes sound like total shit.
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