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Thread: 57/421 recto cab impulse

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    57/421 recto cab impulse

    I am re-amping an album and am chasing the new Carcass sound.
    Got pretty close using a combination of 57 and 421 on recto cab with 6505.
    While I had it set up I decided to grab an impulse.
    This is a mono impulse with the 2 mics at equal level with maximum phase coherence.
    Mics were placed with pink noise.
    57 first then I reversed polarity on the 421 and positioned it for maximum cancellation so when polarity was put back to normal the 2 mics are perfectly in phase.
    Sounds really fat and smooth.
    Give it a try and post results here.
    44 and 48 in the zip.

    Here is a quick test on Jeff's KSE DI pack.
    tse 808>NC 8505>lecab

    To compare, here is the actual 808>6505>recto cab>57/421.

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    I'll drop, these when I get home and give 'em a try


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    sounds pretty good after a low/high pass, could use that for sure.

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