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Thread: Drop Ab Mix Test (Deathcore/Beatdown)

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    Drop Ab Mix Test (Deathcore/Beatdown)

    Can I get some feedback and tips on this mix?


    Here's some thing I need help with:

    - Making the mix wider (I have a Waves S1 on about 1.5-1.6 width on the Master)
    - Giving a bit more life to the guitars, less dull tone
    - Fatter, more present drum sound
    - Making everything a bit more "present"/"in your face"

    Forgive the poor playing, just a mix test. Thanks!
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    I dig it. Unfortunately, I'm of no help recording wise.
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    Sounds cool man. I think you can accomplish a lot by just starting out with compressors and eqs to get things going. I generally try to not put much processing on the master. I feel it's good practice to get your mix sounding good as is, and then applying a little bit as icing on the cake. For the guitars I feel like it's more a matter of how you are playing. Try to dig in harder and the aggressiveness and attack will become more apparent and help the overall feel of your song. Don't know if that helped any but good luck dude!

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    Sounds cool!

    I recommend you blending kick and snare samples for more punchy drums. If you want to speak about production you can add me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/javimartin13

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