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Thread: App Recommendation: Quiztones (ear training)

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    App Recommendation: Quiztones (ear training)

    I was looking for something to test my ears as I've been out of practice since I was in school. We used to have half hour classes of this, and it was the most brutal class we had, and always made us feel exhausted afterwards.

    Basically, this helps you learn to identify which frequency ranges are being boosted/cut. It has modes for identifying pure sine wave frequencies, as well as identifying boosts or cuts (way harder than boosts) of various frequencies, at different difficulty levels/amounts of boost/cut. It provides a variety of different solo instruments, as well as allowing you to use your own music.

    Basically, throw on a decent set of headphones, and feel really bad about your own hearing, but gradually improve it

    [VIDEO]]Improve Your Mixing Skills! Quiztones for iOS - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Quiztones Frequency Ear Training Apps for Audio Engineers, Producers and Musicians

    Edit: also a good way to find out your headphones are shit in the extreme highs and lows

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    Heh, that is a cool idea, and for $5 it might be worth checking out.
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    Yeah, I'd almost recommend going for the $10 standalone if you have a Mac (don't think there's a Windows version) so you can use your actual mixing setup, but it doesn't seem too limited by the output of my iPhone. My headphones, yes, but I think it'll be better with my AKGs. And really, my $30 Sony in-ears were perfect for everything other than 64 and 125hz sounding more similar than they should, and ditto for 8k and 16k (though, really, that might be my ears )

    Practicing this stuff in school cut my mixing time significantly. It was the biggest thing that clicked and made me feel like I sort of knew what I was doing
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