I recorded my first live gig a couple of weeks back. A good friend of mine is a drummer in a local funk band and they played a large room in a bar/restaurant. For my own education and a few ducats I offered to record the gig.

Since it was a nice room and I have a maximum 6 inputs in the field right now, I just recorded the room live. I'm actually pretty happy with the results.

Here's a track with a quick mix/master. If anybody cares to listen, I'd love feedback on the overall tonal balance.

In addition, I did not end up getting enough vocal level in the resulting mix, and I can't seem to fix that. Any tips would be appreciated.

Mic technique was a spaced omni pair with a cardoid in the center - a "Decca tree" - and I don't seem to get more or less vocals between any of those tracks. Next time I try something like this, I think I'll make sure to get a feed from the sound board for vocals so that they can get special attention.

A cover of Randy Newman's "Baltimore"