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Thread: first time programming drums and recording myself

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    first time programming drums and recording myself

    hey everyone. I've been working and working on this song trying to figure out how to get it to sound better and I finally cleaned up a lot of unnecessary tracks that I thought were necessary at the time and then struggled quite a bit figuring out how to get it louder and more full. I'd just like to get some feedback about if it sounds like I tried to make it too loud and squashed it or anything. It's the first song I've recorded by myself and I had posted it before but the mix was way worse so I just want to see if this one is any better I guess. I still have a lot to learn so be gentle I would gladly be accepting and appreciative of any and all constructive criticism. thanks a bunch. Ian

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    I done something similar to this for my first post and I got told off for it so expect that haha. Seeing as I am guilty of the same thing though I will let you know what I think.

    To get it louder I usually just use a maximizer when I am mastering to bring the volume up. As long as you're not hearing any digital clipping you're fine really.

    The thing that really throws the mix off for me is the snare. It sounds very thin and doesn't fit well with the other drums. The bass drum is also quite thin sounding which isn't really a problem if you have enough on the low end of the guitars and bass but the bass drum really needs something to give it more bite through the mix. I don't know what you have used for the drums but it sounds like there is no room mics or anything coming through which I think is leaving quite a big hole in the mix and that is why you're not getting that fullness you want.

    Having said that. I liked the guitar tones. Really smooth sounding! You just need to work on fattening the drums up IMO.
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    Please see here:

    The somewhat official rules of MG.ORG

    That aside, I dig the composition.

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    Dang. I shoulda known better after spending so much time on my apologies. Hi my name is Ian haha. Thanks for not banning or deleting me. thanks for the input about the drums. Im on to my 2nd recording now and have picked up a few tips since doing this one so hopefully itll turn out better but thanks a lot because i know to focus on that area. Really appreciate the input. Nice to meet ya guys and thanks again. \m/

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