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Thread: DIY desktop monitor stands

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    DIY desktop monitor stands

    I finally picked up some entry-level studio monitors (M-Audio AV 40, $75 for the pair via Craigslist) in preparation for mixing my acoustic project's first EP. It was immediately apparent that they needed to be raised off my desk about 8 inches.

    Conveniently, half cinder blocks are 8" cubes, dirt cheap, and concrete is pretty acoustically "dead."

    The materials: two half cinder blocks, some self-adhesive felt feet to project my desk surface, and a can of Plasti Dip (I actually ended up using about 1.5 cans):

    Brush off any concrete dust, and start spraying. After 3 coats of 'dip:

    After 5 coats:

    Attach felt:

    In use (yes, my desk is shitty - building a new one is next on my list of home studio projects):

    I chose Plasti Dip rather than regular paint since I thought it might bond a bit better to the gritty surface of the concrete, and it seems to be working well. The improvement in sound is incredible - the monitors are now at the right height, and much more isolated from the desk.

    Total cost: under $15. You could do it for under $5 if you used cheap spraypaint instead of the Plasti Dip.

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    That actually looks really good.
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    Dude put a blue leds strip inside(or on the backs) of those cinder blocks, that room would look hot

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    Great idea! I might have to see if they have slightly larger blocks (my monitors are a fair bit bigger than the AV40s) but I will definitely be looking into something similar.
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