I was mixing a track yesterday and had a super clear sound for the guitars so decided to grab an IR.
This is by far the best IR I have made and will now be my go to for guide tracks.
6505 power amp (res6,pres8) >Rectifier cab>SM57 and M201 on different cones>API A2D>A&H Zed-R16 (to sum the 2 mics and for EQ).

I kept the EQ I was using for the mix so the IR is EQed and fully mix ready.
Just hi and lo pass to taste.

Zip contains 44 and 48K wavs.

Here is a test using TSE808>Lecto>Lecab.

See this thread on the Sneap forum for Axe-fx files
My best ever IR (57,201,API) - Ultimate Metal Forum