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Thread: Tough choice for interface

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    Tough choice for interface

    Hello all!

    Here goes for my monthly thread.

    I've been strumming guitars for half my life now, actually a little more, but haven't plugged my guitar into my computer since Win98. And as you might recall, things worked differently back then.

    I am now really interested in learning how to plug my plank into my pc and record shit (using maybe audacity as I remember not being smart enough for cubase, back in the day).

    Naturally, I have read around a bit, especially here on MG but have a bit of a dilemma.

    To make a short-gone-long story short, I have the choice between the two following interfaces, for the same price, both in mint condition apparently, and don't know which way to go:
    - M-Audio Fast Track Review & Rating | (m-audio fast track);
    - TERRATEC - Products - Sound - External (USB) - TerraTec DMX 6Fire USB

    The terratec looks like a good option because I could, if need be, use it for a wide array of purposes, whereas the m-audio looks more like a one trick horse. But that might not be a bad thing.

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    I've never even heard of Terratec. I'd lean towards M-Audio simply because it's a very well-established, reputable brand, and I've had good luck with their interfaces I've owned in the past (though I'm learning they have a reputation for taking their time with driver updates, haha)
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    I had a Delta-44 on just about every Windows OS there is and never had a problem.

    That Terratec company looked like they're aiming almost exclusively at the budget market. M-Audio? Now, those gentlemen came in on another boat.

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    Hm, but then that terratec system goes for 300$ new whereas the m-audio fast track for only circa 140$ tops.

    But it's true that I have yet to read a bad review for m-audio (the terratec system gets good reviews to though).

    Will see if I can get through to the seller. Thanks a lot guys!

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    Oh well, the sale fell through for the fast track (some folks seem happier licking shlongs than selling their stuff).

    Thanks again for the advice! Always very much appreciated!

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