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    Vst Drums, BFD3?

    Anyone thinking of or already started using BFD3 for heavy music?

    I currently use BFD2 and augment it with free samples I've found here and there, but always struggled for china's, splashes and effects type cymbals. Obviously loading in none BFD samples means I can't use its room, ambient and overhead channels.

    I'm going to overhall my set up in the new year. New PC, new Daw, vsts the lot and just wondered if BFD3 might be a contender for heavy music or I should really be looking towards Superior Drummer?

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    From what I know of BFD, it's always been a bit of a runner-up to Toontrack's products. But I've never actually used it, or heard more than a few bad user clips of it.

    I can tell you that, with Toontrack, you get a lot of support and updates, there's a huge userbase to get help and extras from, and the range of expansions covers just about anything you could want to do musically.

    At the price BFD3 is new, I'd go Toontrack. The upgrade from BFD2 is only 99, so that might make it more attractive. But Superior isn't much more than that at the moment. Although, if you want a good metal sound right out of the box, you might want to also add the Metal Machine or Metal! EZX (expansion packs), as the default Superior kit (the Avatar Kit) is the not the most metal-sounding kit without work.

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    Sadly my BFD2 was my old bass players, transfered to my machine. I think we paid a one of fee for it being second hand to me or something like that. I could only fit about a third of the samples on my machine and now he lives miles away from me, so I'm thinking a complete fresh start is required here. So I'll be pricing it up as though I don't have BFD2.

    One thing I'm reading about BFD3 that sounds good for metal to me, is the new way it treats cymbal swells. To my mind riding on a crash/china cymbal as is pretty standard metal drumming requirement could really benefit from this kind of tech.

    I know the majority here use Superior. Maybe I should do more homework on what kit pieces come with each, what expansions are necessary etc.

    Although I have built up quite a comprehensive bank of my own drum patterns and fills etc using BFD2, so this would probably all be lost moving to superior.

    One thing I liked about BFD2, I'm guessing is the same in 3 is that the kit pieces were named, so for example I knew I was selecting an orange county 13x4 maple snare. Being a drummer that allowed me to quickly home in on exactly the sound I was after. Does superior not do that? ie superior comes with one generic snare, kick and set of toms? are the kit pieces branded in the expansions you mentioned?

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    Bummer about the upgrade, man. See if you can blag his copy, as it'll save a fortune, if you do buy BFD.

    You can do pretty natural cymbal swells in Superior, btw. I do them all the time.

    Your own library won't be lost if you switch to Toontrack. Depending on what DAW you're using, it can be very easy, or it may require a separate plug-in to work with the one set of MIDI data. In Cubase it's very easy to trigger multiple VSTs, and probably in Reaper, too.

    And, yeah, Superior has real-world drums, so you've got real-world names for the samples you're using. You can find a list of all the kit pieces used in each library on their site. I highly recommend you exhaust their site and listen to tons of clips on there. Try to hone in on the audio samples that have the kit's name, instead of songs that have a band/artist name and song title. The kits used in the band songs tend to have been worked over extensively to fit that mix, and do not represent how those libraries sound out of the box.

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    Using XLN here & i prefer it miles over the toontrack stuff.

    Granted it uses a basic kit so you might have to use 2 vsti's instead of 1 if you use a lot of cymbals. Not sure if they still give you the free adpack on purchase though. I took the Black velvet wich is a DW collector kit sampled with extra zildjan cymbals.

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