The elusive title actually does say it all: I'm not good at this.

My aim is to plug my guitar into my computer, and I'm having all sorts of trouble in doing what should be, conceptually, very simple.

Here is a post I posted on the Reaper forum (I'm starting to use reaper, it looks good and should allow me to do want I want). Since I'm getting the views but not the replies, I'm allowing myself to bother you brave folks over here. Who knows, maybe someone could help me out. Free burgers' the prize!

Here goes:
Hey there,

After having been noodling around with my guitars for 15 or so years, I am slowly figuring out that it is time to try out some computer-related aspects, such as recording and the various interesting VSTs around.

Here are the facts: laptop running win7, i3, 4GBddr; my audio interface is one of these:; my interface's output is to my hifi amp and speakers (which aren't monitors, I know, this will change).

I installed reaper and have managed to basically set up some VST plugins. However, I have the following issues:

1. Whether I am using reaper or not, when my guitar is plugged into the interface, I hear it playing through the right speaker only.
When I set up my tracks on reaper and activate a VST with some distortion, I hear the guitar out of both speakers, which is good. I also hear the guitar distorted thanks to the VST, which is also good. However, I still hear my guitar playing clean over the rest, which is bad. This does not change if I turn the monitoring pot on my interface up or down.
--> How can I deactivate this?

2. Even though I asked reaper to use ASIO drivers and set the latency to minimum, I think I still hear a slight latency. Also, it might be me, but I sort of hear some chorus too, which makes me wonder if there isn't some sort of monitoring playing before the processed track, does this make sense? What can I do?

I do not know to what extent these issues are reaper-related, my understanding of these things is still very basic, for the time being. However, I am hoping some kind and patient lad will come along and help me out

Thanks a lot!