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Thread: Logic Pro X Routing

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    Logic Pro X Routing

    Hey guys,

    I'm wondering if I can save myself a couple of steps here. Lately, I've been really liking the way a couple of my VSTs sound blended together (using the same DI track - just like using two amps in person).

    Is it possible to route my signal in such a way that I can record while hearing both amps and keep my interface fairly clean-looking? (i.e. avoiding seeing 4 tracks when I really only need two)

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    Make a track stack! Put in two separate tracks with different Vst/au

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    Not familiar with Logic anything, but can't you just create a group track, add both VSTs to that track, then route two audio tracks through that and monitor one of them?

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    I haven't upgraded to the X version yet, so maybe I'm missing some fancy new feature that makes this easier, but usually I'd put the the plugins on separate aux tracks. Then I'd add aux sends to those tracks from the DI audio track.

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