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Thread: My band's new song. "Real" gear

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    My band's new song. "Real" gear


    I want to show you my band's new song and hear you opinion.
    We've recorded everything in our rehearsal place. No samples or amspims used (except solos)
    How do you like music/production/etc.


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    that bad? :P

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    Rig: Laney IRT Studio

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    Sounds professional to me. Maybe on the intro throw in something unconventional ...but sounds good and angry.

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    The drums sound fantastic, any info on the set-up? Mics, pre's etc?
    Recording. Mixing. Mastering. Editing. Re-Amping.

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    thanks guys, so it's not that bad as I though? :P

    Drums are :
    Yamaha Stage Custom (Emperor heads) + Pearl Sensitone Elite (Ambassador head).
    Istanbul cymbals
    Zildjian Z Custom ride (best ride i've ever heard)
    Zildjian A Custom HHats

    Shure SM57 - Toms+ Bottom Snare
    Heil PR20 - Snare
    Shure Beta 52 + MD421 - kick (MD421 adds cool 'click' to the sound)
    MXL 603 - OH's

    Connected to Presonus VSL1818 and ADA8000

    Gtrs are (if anyone's interested)
    5150 Combo (with V30's) + Maxon OD808, quadtracked, Shure PR20 + MD421, Shure SM57 + Shure SM7b
    LTD MH301 (seymour duncan distortion) guitar

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    final version if anyone's interested

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