Any EVE Audio SC or Dynaudio monitors users here?

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Thread: Any EVE Audio SC or Dynaudio monitors users here?

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    Any EVE Audio SC or Dynaudio monitors users here?

    I had Focal's CMS40 for ew months but I had to return them.
    Now I want to buy my own pair of monitors and I'm choosing between:
    1) Focal CMS40
    2) EVE Audio SC205
    3) Dynaudio DBM50

    Focals - I know them but there was thing I didn't like - while mastering there was an impression that mix is too loud, overcompressed etc. whil listening on other speakers and headphones eveything was ok/

    I never hears SC's od DBM50 but I heard many good opinions on them.

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    You cant really go wrong with any of them . Focal is actually doing the right thing in a way because your mixes will definitely sound better on other speakers which is what you need.
    Anyway if you want to go for something else go for eve sc205.

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    save for a pair of Dynaudio bm6as. They are the biggest bang for your buck and really anything less isn't a worthwhile stepping point. You'd be shocked how good of mixes you can create with nothing but a home stereo and a decent pair of headphones. If you are really interested about getting into recording, I'd save up for the bm6as. If this more for a nice pair of speakers to listen to and occasionally use for home recordings, get a used pair of yamaha hs80s, they'll sound quite good and will be pretty inexpensive.

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    i bought neumanns kh120 :P

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