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Thread: Testing new monitors

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    Testing new monitors

    Hey guys

    I'm working on this song:

    Instruments are 'live' (+10% sample on kick). This is my first mix on the new monitors. I'm not used to them and my ears are tired at the moment - can you guys tell me what do you think? performance, mix, production etc.?


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    C'mon bash me

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    Doesn't sound bad at all to me. Light years ahead of anything I've recorded.

    I feel the drums could be a little "louder", especially on the kick, and there seems to be a lot of mid range frequencies for the guitars.

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    i did some improvements - check it now

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    Man I thought that sounded deadly.
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    i hope it's better now

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    Sounding pretty good man! It's an upbeat song, so maybe working to make things "pop" a little more would enhance the whole vibe.

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