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Thread: 5150/6505 Amp Tweaking/Processing Help Please

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    5150/6505 Amp Tweaking/Processing Help Please

    It is with great embarrassment I start this thread, but I feel I have no option.
    After about 3 years of going it alone in my home studio, I'm at my wit's end. We're talking full on alcoholism, social isolation, self-negligence type seriousness haha. It's my life goal to get this tone. It's my personal key to catharsis and salvation. It's been really hard to deal with this failure.

    What makes it all the more embarrassing is that I'm using pro gear and the tone is still not there. The chain is:
    Jackson SLAT-7 (EMG-707 in bridge)->AnalogMan modded GE-7 (for boost)->ISP Decimator->6505 HD->Mesa OS->SM57->API 3124+ -> RME Multiface.

    I'm matching a tone from my favorite band. I'll tell you all who it is later, if interested. I have two conflicting statements about what was used on the recording for an amp, but I don't really want to get into that.
    To me, the reference sounds like a 5150, but with the higher mids pushed.

    Here is the dropbox link with two reference files, and then my files that begin with 5150SM57...etc..

    Here's some info on my tones:

    5150 Settings
    LOW: 2.5
    MID: 5
    HIGH: 4
    POST: 3
    RES: 7
    PRES: 9

    GE-7 cuts at 100hz: -10db
    200hz: -7db
    400hz: -5db

    I used no post processing for the recording. I usually add a LP filter, but it seems to cut off some harmonics on my recording that the reference tone has.
    Listening back today during an edit of this post (5/25), I can say I'm pretty embarrassed by the tone..so sorry for ruining your ears for a few minutes.

    I can't thank any of you enough if you do respond with advice. I'll think of a way to pay y'all back here!

    EDIT: here are the SoundCloud files for convenience. The first two are the reference recordings of the band I'm emulating, the second recordings are my own setup:

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    Chasing tone is a virtually impossible, and almost always entirely too expensive, task imo. For covers, get close and live with it. Otherwise refine your own tone.

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    noobish question..I've had about 130 views so far, and no real comments from anyone that has listened.

    Is it because they actually have to download the files? Should I make everything streaming? I was hoping to at least get one reply from someone who has listened by now.

    C'mon guys, bash my recording!

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    Streaming would be best.

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    What exactly are you asking? If your tone is ok, or if it matches some other mystery band's guitar sound?

    It sounded very thin and ball-less to me. You've got the Bass all scooped out on the amp's EQ, the Presence on 9 (9!!), and you're using an EQ pedal to scoop more low end out. I'd probably want some of that back in there, so it's not so harsh and scratchy.

    I used to use my 6505+ with the settings pretty much all on 5, and just made minor adjustments from there. But, if anyone's heard the recordings I did with that amp, they may say 'yeah, and your tone sucked', so there's that, too.

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    I've only played with recording a little, but I got a great guitar tone using:
    EMG81->Maxon OD808->Boss NS2->6505+(h)->Marshall 212 V30's->SM57->Line6 Tone Port

    I've never had my low less than 5 on that amp, I would think any less would sound too thin. Also agree with Cassidy, I have my pres and res setting opposite to yours. All things considered, I doubt playing with the knobs is your issue. That amp is easy to set up. I'd start by ditching the pre-eq. It's better suited as a post eq. Sounds like post eq'ing might breath some life into your tone to, try using the GE-7 in the loop instead of up front. Your SLAT-7 and EMG pickups are already your custom pre eq, if you need a GE-7 up front to cut freq, maybe you chose the wrong pickups? 5150's love pre boost with light clipping, it seems to tighten up the pick attack. Tube screamers are better for this then an EQ IMO. I just turn the dist control to zero. If you boost the pre signal with your eq it isn't really going to boost your volume, only your gain. And probably a weird freq boost effect at that. Wow, sorry... not sure when the rambeling began but I'm knee deep in it now. Good luck!

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    the setting to use to get the 5150 sound you're used to hearing on records is this.

    gain at 11 oclockish, bass noon, mid 3 o clock, high 3 o clock, volume to taste, res at 11 o clock pres at 1 o clock. if you don't sound good with these settings, it's not the amp.

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    @ Cassidy and Luafcm:

    I'm very much trying to replicate the guitar tone. At the very least I'd like to get something similar.
    I have a reliable source that informed me that the boost used for the reference was an EQ set flat. However, with a flat EQ, the EMG 707 has so much low mids it becomes muddy.
    I've tried the EQ in the loop boosting the mids, and it sounds exactly the same as post processing boosting: i.e. the tone gets very castrated (read: ball-less).
    My biggest qualm with my current recording is that it is not smooth and scratchy.
    I will do some more recordings and maybe it will help you guys steer me in the right direction. Thanks to all who have taken the time to respond so far! It means a lot to me.

    Also, the presence was on 9 because that particular control is another form of low cut that I was using to tame the low mids of the EMG 707.
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