How to thicken up metal vocals?

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Thread: How to thicken up metal vocals?

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    How to thicken up metal vocals?

    I've been getting more and more into recording, learning proper EQing and mixing... But i'm still having trouble with vocals. Any tips or tricks? I've tried recording a few takes, but they all sound kind of flat. What are some good effects to thicken them up? Or do I need to record a second track and layer it under it? Will doubling it via copy + paste and offsetting them a bit work?

    I'm using reaper BTW.
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    Cut and paste to thicken is worthless.

    Add some reverb, some slight de-tuning or delay.

    Double tracking will thicken them some.

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    Just like guitar, doubling sounds terrible by copy+paste. Proper doubling can help, but has a certain sound that's not always what you're looking for. I find lots of compression and some tape sim or other saturation helps a great deal.

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    Doubling and reverb or delay is highly advisable if you want to do anything high energy. Devildriver is the best example you could possibly find of this. Listen to the vocals on this and tell me what you hear. Anything in a higher raspy register will sound a lot more aggressive if it's doubled with a tight performance. *Especially sustained screams or growls* You have to be reasonably tight on the delivery though for it not to be super obvious. And just like guitars, you will lose attack. The same way you would lose attack from going from double tracking guitars to quad tracking them.

    [VIDEO]]DevilDriver - End Of The Line - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Some reverb or delay is pretty much mandatory. If you aren't using any that would be kind of fucked.

    Double tracking is not as easy as you think. You have to be as tight as you would be double tracking guitars. If your delivery isn't spot on it will sound like a sloppy/phasey choir type thing.

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    copy/paste does nothing but increase volume.
    Thickening comes from layering. Lots, and lots of layering.
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    Sing them more thickerly.
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    What I like to do (and it still sounds like shit anyways) is 4 to 8 tracks of the vocal. Find the one or two best passes at it, blend them so that one is more in front of the other. Then take your favorite two to three other tracks and place them slightly off center at 14 or 20 or so to the left and right, but have them much lower in volume than the main two tracks. You can do some cool effects with these. Sometimes I make these tracks lower in volume but higher in effects. That way, the effect sounds off these somewhat "background" takes and blends in. Move the faders until you like the overall sound. Then you have 4 or 5 tracks doing the same line. Sometimes it sounds great, sometimes not. It's all in the mix.

    Then you can do a couple of tracks just emphasizing certain words or phrases or syllables. Do these tracks with the mix of all the other tracks at good levels so you can just hit those accents. Don't care what these tracks sound like when solo'd, they are just to emphasize the parts you want thicker, meaner or more emotional. Just my two cents. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soopahmahn View Post
    Sing them more thickerly.
    +Grow a pair.

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