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    The Free Impulses Thread

    I thought this might be useful for those on the scrounge for freely available impulse files. I'll add them to this post as people post more. Collections will be better than individual ones, or it might get a bit out of hand.

    Sperimental - • View topic - [LAST UPDATE] Official Sperimental Impulses Pack
    GuitarHack - • View topic - Guitar Hack's Impulses - full pack
    RedWirez Free - Red Wire Impulse Responses | Free guitar speaker cabinet IRs
    ReCabinet Free - Recabinet Cabinet Impulses | Free Musician's Resource
    OwnHammer Free - - Public Beta Redux
    Catharsis -
    Mattayus - Zilla Fatboy

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    Take a look to this guy and his youtube channel, hes always uploading loads an loads of impulses

    In the descriptions you can find all the links for download the guitar impulses packs.

    2 categories:

    -For TSE 808 (tone maxed) & TSE X30 (default settings)

    -GRINDMACHINE (settings by default, cabinet disabled, amplifier: ANIMAL)

    I think the tone in general is amazing and he makes the thing so easy especially for noobs.

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    While not amp or cab impulses, I thought the Samplicity Bricasti M7 pack was awesome, and these are my go-to reverbs today:

    Samplicity's Bricasti M7 Impulse Response Library v1.1 - Samplicity

    Donation-ware, which means I should probably toss these guys a couple bucks.
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    I just made some myself, I'll upload later

    EDIT: Zilla Fatboy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    I just made some myself, I'll upload later

    EDIT: Zilla Fatboy
    Much Appreciated

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