Recently I produced, mixed, mastered, and performed a guest solo on my friend's debut single with his new solo project called Perseus Octave. Very Polyphia/Haunted Shores/Jason Richardson type stuff. Could really use some feedback on the production. I'm getting really into production these days but I'm far from being a professional by any means so I'm just looking to improve.

For those curious my solo comes in at 1:54.

As far as production goes I had limited resources for bass and drums on this one. If anyone has more questions on the details of signal chains, mixing techniques etc. just let me know.

Guitars - AxeFX II (FAS Modern for rhythm, Friedman HBE + Deluxe Reverb for my solo, USA Clean for cleans) and TSE X50 for my friend's solo
Drums - Superior Drummer 2.0
Bass - Zombass 4.0

I've got a checklist in my head of things I would've liked to change but most of them I just don't have the skills or ear to get the results yet. Oh well, just a matter of time and practice! Any tips?