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Thread: Classic Mics, vs. direct sources

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    Classic Mics, vs. direct sources

    Hello all,

    First post. Long time reader. Hope for some real advice on recording metal tones.

    I have been through it all over the last 10 yrs or so...

    Eventually, the natural progression towards decent tone when recording got me here: SM57 + stick condenser, 2x12 eminence cab in isolation closet, Peavey 6505 head, tube screamer, guitar.

    This setup yields AWESOME doubletracked guitar tones. I do not NEED to get rid of it, but it is inconvenient to run.

    My question is, 'has anyone REALLY replaced such a "classic" setup with axefx and been able to truly get as good or better doubletracked guitar tones?' (I am completely aware of the live music advantages of axefx or direct in general, but that is not my concern here, only studio).

    I have heard some good tones out there from axefx, but I have never really heard an A/B comparison to a classic setup with the same DI recorded source.... Does anyone have such a comparison available?

    Thank you for your knowledge and comments. Gid.

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    I've heard some a-b comparisons where I could hear a slight difference. But if you didn't tell me it was a comparison, and I didn't already know one was a modeller I wouldn't have a mother flipping clue

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    I'm a tube snob, and I'll be the first to admit it. But, the Axe is VERY good - I've been really impressed by the recordings done with it, even in amateur hands much less by guys who actually mix pretty well.

    What made me a believer was the time Cliff brought the latest not-yet-released firmware to one of our MG GearFests a couple years back, and after dialing up a Mark-IV patch and hearing me play through it for a couple moments, he switched me over to some sort of Blackface Fender model. That through a Carvin solid state poweramp and my Recto 2x12 cab was fucking incredible - not so good that I wouldn't have guessed it was a modeler; rather, so good I'd have wanted to know what I was playing through, so I could buy one. Incredible gritty, edge of breakup clean sound. And this was like 7 or 8 firmwares ago.

    Admittedly, that's not at all the sound you're after... But, again, if you want a 6505 into a 4x12 mic'd up with a 4x12, it can do it well enough to produce a great sounding album. There's merits to both approaches, but the Axe is good enough that sound quality isn't a detractor for either.

    And again, I'm a total tube snob.
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    I guess I am most concerned about retaining that "special" mic compression and proximity effect from the SM57. My stick condenser is really flat and wide band, seems not be that critical to the overall tone, just opens up the sound a bit vs. 57 alone.

    Will axefx allow me to virtually move and rotate mic emulation? My actual setup has both mic capsules aligned 2" from speaker (to eliminate phase issues).

    Thanks again. The axefx seems to be the "brave new world" and I am just trying to determine if I will, once again, end up putting a guitar cab in the closet 10 years from now if I buy one. I feel like this might be the case.... I have returned to the cab/mic setup twice already (think POD, and computer sims).

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    If I was in a situation where I could crank up an amp and mic it, I'd stick with it and revel in the loud metal glory.

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    Funny thing is, you get to that situation (own house, big ass amp, room conversion for isolation, etc). and then some jackwagon comes along and makes the axefx, and then every "metal head" on earth won't stop talking about how awesome it is... Have these guys ever used a cab/mic setup?

    I have a whole room tuned up and full of gear, and it seems like everyone now just needs a desk and a 2 channel audio interface to catch axefx. Do I need to cut my losses now, or just wait until the fad blows over?

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    Wirelessly posted (Wondernuts)

    Sounds like another option is the Two Notes Torpedo series. I have the VB101 and its an awesome unit. I plug up any of my head to the input, turn it up and away I go. It adds cabinet, mic, room and preamp simulation to your existing tube amp setup so it minimizes the digital. With the VB101 and Studio you can run two mics amd cab simulations simultaneously and capture the raw signal so you can run it through their plugin to run as many as you want.
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    Two Notes bros!

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