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    The RØDE Difference

    So lately I've been studying the hell out of recording gear since I want to start recording. It's been interesting talking about gear and selling gear at GuitarCenter. Something that really stood out to me was how great the quality of RØDE mics are for how cheap they are. The NT1-A bundles always sells the day we get more of them, the NT4 is a really cool stereo SDC, the M5 set is insane for what you pay for it, also probably the coolest mics for DSLR's and smart phones.

    So I stumbled upon a tour of their factory and it seems kind of insane. I dont know how much if any of this is hogwash but I figured you guys would be interested in checking out the insane technology at that place. All I know it's insane the way they are running things and yet their stuff is priced pretty damn well, reminds me a ton of how Mesa runs things.

    The video is a little tacky with the guy saying "The RØDE Difference" over and over again for the transitions though

    Here is a more laidback tour that is more enjoyable to watch:

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    I've actually been to the Rode factory. It's pretty sweet. The way they keep costs down is having the most expensive parts built in a location that's cheaper (China) to their specs then doing awesome QC on their end to make sure they are good. Value for money they have it in spades. I have an NT1 in my mic cabinet and it's an awesome mic. Used to have a pair of NT5s which were excellent also.

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    What difference?

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    Wirelessly posted ()

    I love the NT1.
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    I've been a fan of Rode mics for a long time.
    We're all musicians, still searching for our roots.

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    I have 2 NT1As. I'm ambivalent about them.

    Why two then?

    They're good value for money room mics, and sometimes overheads for drums, they're acceptable mics for acoustics, they work sometimes shockingly well for metal vocals, depending on the voice - all those say 'at least one' (vocal) 'maybe two' (acoustic and drums depending on how you mic them).

    If I had my time again, I'd probably get whatever the closest priced LDCs from audio technica are. Not a be all end all replacement, I've chosen an NT1A (A! for fuck sake) over my AT4050, but all things being equal they aren't that good.

    I have no experience with any other rode mic. I know the NT1A is one of their lowest end mics.

    It's fucking useless for:
    Clean electric guitars. Too metallic sounding.
    Distorted electric gutiars. Too thin sounding, and too metallic sounding.

    The best bang for buck mic company out there is, in my opnion, Sontronics. They don't do anything that doesn't sound like it should cost two or three times what it does.

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    The NT1-A is pretty meh. The original NT1 and the new NT1 are awesome.

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    Those Oktavia modded Rodes are pretty badass. I'm going to send my nt-5s in at some point (which are fine). For the cost they're pretty good mics, especially the nt1.

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