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Thread: Please critique my mix

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    Please critique my mix

    Hey everyone,

    This is my most recent mix of a song I've been working on for the longest time haha.

    Please let me know what you think about the song and the production/mix!

    Is it or haha


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    Drums need dynamics.

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    this is super generic and boring. too much keyboards. drums are typewriterish. the arrangement doesn't sound like it was thought out. nothing is balanced.

    thumbs down.

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    It doesn't sound mixed in the least. Sorry dude.
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    Well I liked it.

    Listening on my speakers, I'd say bring the drums up and turn the keyboards down a little.
    I'm not sure how you mixed it, but make sure you listen on as many different types of speakers as possible (including headphones).
    That'll usually help with the volume balance.

    In terms of EQ balance, things did sound a little washed together- use a frequency analyzer (there's tons of free ones out there, no need to waste money) to find out where each instrument is located in the mix.
    Then you can carve out room for each one with a little more precision.

    You might already know all this, but I figured I'd throw it out just in case you didn't.
    Good luck!

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    Same here.... I liked it.
    it has a nice 'beauty and the beast ' vibe to it.

    Some of my thoughts (I'm no expert 'mixing' guy by any means)

    1) the rhythm guitars and the keyboards are fighting for 'EQ 'space...thats why I think at some places, it sounds muddy.

    2) the toms need eq'ing... i feel there is a lot of unwanted low end in the toms.

    3) the snare is too loud and 'in your face' certain parts it is distracting.
    BTW are these drums programmed?...
    when i program blast beats, i try to keep the velocity quite low,but i accentuate the beat with the ride cymbal.

    4) at places where the lead guitars play (played very well,i might add) is drowned down by the other instruments.

    5) this is a personal thing...but if you could bring the guitars/drums/bass to the front, and place the keyboards 'in the back'... it would have a more aggressive vibe.


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    Normally I'd just close this thread, delete the link, and remind you that the forum rules specifically state that new embers with low post counts shouldn't be using this site to spam their Soundcloud links, but it sounds like no one likes the mix anyway, so whatever.
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