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Thread: YT: Proof I'm working on an EP (bass & lead tracking)

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    YT: Proof I'm working on an EP (bass & lead tracking)

    I was tracking bass to one of the last tracks on my EP last night and filmed it because I'm a prick like that.

    It's meant to have a sort of stoner vibe to it, not really "metal", but it's still kinda heavy cause I chose to do it in B for the extra lumbering feel.

    I recorded guitars for this track months ago otherwise I'd have filmed that instead, but there is a lead in the middle for those who are bored to tears by bass (like me).

    The rhythm guitars were recorded using a Vintage (brand) VS6 which is like a super cheap SG copy. I borrowed it off Ryan who bought it years ago for like 40 or something stupid but I threw some 12's on it, shoved it in B and it just had *that* tone. Honky and hairy and just super sludgy.

    Anyway I figured the whole track without vocals (which are still being written) would be a bore so I edited it so you just hear the intro, the mid section with solo and then the outtro.

    The little blues lead in the outtro was total improv done back when I had the SG. I was going to rerecord it but I kinda liked the sloppy charm of it so I think I'll keep it.

    Enough rambling, enjoy!

    EDIT: Fucking shitty shortened YouTube link! I'm on my phone so can't embed. If any body could help a brother out that'd be greeeeat.

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    That's awesome Matt, I really dig it

    Youtube tells me embedding is disabled by request
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    Fuck yes. That rocks! Lovin' it.
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    Fixed your link, and this sounds awesome. Not helping my J-bass GAS.
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    Sounds great, man!
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    Is this the track I'm gonna do a solo for?

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