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Thread: Free Amp Sims/ Cab Sims request

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    Free Amp Sims/ Cab Sims request

    Hey I'm going to be getting set up soon with a home studio, and before I buy anything like amplitube or metal amp room, I'd like to try out some of the free stuff available. I researched a little and stumbled across LePou amp sims and LeCab. Do I need seperate impulses to make LeCab run properly. I will be using Studio One Artist if that makes any difference.

    Links to anything free I can tinker around with would be extremely helpful, and any information I might need to know. Keep in mind, I am a beginner. THANKS!!

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    the lepou amps + a good impulse will get you great sounds with a bit of tweaking. Check out Redwirez and Ownhammer cabs. Their cab packs are very reasonably priced and sound great. I'm pretty sure lecab comes with a library of impulses for you to get started straight away though.

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    The best free one I've used is the Ignite Emmisary:

    Audio Plug-Ins

    I had to turn the gain WAY down for what I was using it for, but it managed to get the Marshall/MESA cross sound from my old Blackstar spot on. A lot more versatile than the demos suggest!

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    Awesome guys thanks a bunch!!!

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