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Thread: Reamping with a DI Box

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    Reamping with a DI Box

    Going to take my first crack at Reamping. I used to have a Radial RMP box but got rid of it. I have a Countryman 10S, and I am wondering if this will work? The interface is a Scarlett 18i20, and DAW is Cubase. I don't have much experience with this interface or Cubase so just looking for some tips on doing this. I have watched plenty of videos but haven't found many on using an actual DI rather than a Reamp box.

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    Doesn't work.

    Reamp : FAQ

    Quote Originally Posted by ReAmp
    Question - Some people say I can use a passive direct box in reverse for reamping. Is this true?

    Answer - – No. This would not work because of the large level differences between a microphone level signal and a line level signal. On the direct box the instrument input is designed for instrument level signals (-20dbm) and the microphone out is designed to give a microphone level signal (-60dbm typical) using a direct box in reverse would put a +4dbm signal into a –60dbm output and would cause extreme signal distortion before you even plugged into the amp.

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