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Thread: Ampire XT: good tone possible??

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    Ampire XT: good tone possible??

    I just got studio one artist and am waiting to upgrade and be able to use vst's. In the mean time I'd like to track and at least have some sort of a decent sound. I'm not clueless to dialing in tones on real amps but digital is all new to me.

    Does anyone have any tips or ideas to getting a somewhat bold tone that's not processed to high holy heaven?? I mainly play on a Gibson SG standard and am aiming for dual rec/jcm 2000/5150 amp sound. Not so djenty but still some balls to it. Thank you!!

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    I had trouble getting a decent sound out of that plugin. Honestly, you can get free VSTs from LePou, or BIAS and S-Gear are only $100. You're better off going that route.


    Sorry, I missed the part about the VST thing. Honestly dude, just skip S1 and use Reaper. Then you can do whatever you want, and the even after the free trial (that never really expires and always lets you use it but you'll buy it because it's great) it's still cheaper than the S1 upgrade.

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