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Thread: Did some more recent recording

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    Did some more recent recording

    Hey guys,

    Here's my latest go at recording. Did a lot of things differently this time around.

    For starters, I used totally different drum samples than normal. I typically would layer a "dry" Metal Machine set with a super compressed version of the same set and then mix in/out each kit as I deemed appropriate. (I.E. Compressed set louder for fills, down for busier sections, etc). This time around I used mostly Avatar with a little bit of the Metal Machine stuff on x-drum. I think I prefer it this way; was great to actually branch out a little from my normal preset.

    I'm also admittedly really bad with mixing bass. I can get good bass tones, but not necessarily good bass tones that fit well. So I did the same thing here that I did with drums - started from the ground up. I ended up using three tracks for the bass tone (same take copied into three separate tracks). One was the standard "clean" bass tone with a little bit of a cut in the lows. One was a dirty, mega distorted signal focused around higher mids, and the third was a shelved signal that focused primarily on lows. The third reminded me almost of a sine wave. Anyway, mixing these the way I did worked well in my opinion, but I still think there's a long way to go.

    Anyway, I'm always looking to improve this stuff, so if you can, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    Thanks guys!
    "Sometimes you have to confront your own patterns and expectations of yourself and do away with things that you enjoy doing in order to move forward and keep evolving as a musician. That's exactly the definition of the word progressive of course." —Steven Wilson

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    Sounds great

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunaka View Post
    Sounds great
    Thanks, man! I appreciate you checking it out.

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    Recording sounds great to me, too, dude. Everything's very clear, and the thing you did with the drums has worked well - they sound real good. Top stuff!

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