What drum samples do you use??

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Thread: What drum samples do you use??

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    What drum samples do you use??

    Hey everyone,

    So i'm thinking of getting the Slate Drums Trigger 2 plug in. I have no experience using drum triggers. All i've used for my drum samples is the Avatar Kit on Superior...So i thought this could be a good idea to make my drums sound better.

    Does anyone use the Slate trigger? What do you think of the samples of the library it comes with? I've heard good things but haven't tried them out myself yet.

    I was wondering what samples you guys use for your drums? Where do you search for them or if you make them yourselves as well..Any recommendations would be great!


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    I used Trigger and wasn't really impressed with the stock samples.

    Seraph Recordings

    These are really good, and if you can find the "Charles J" samples that were on the site a year or so ago then they're definitely worth downloading.

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    I use EZDrummer 2 by Toontrack. Incredibly easy to use (hence the name) and the stock samples are excellent - but you can always buy add-on packs of different kits, if you so desire.
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    The Charles J Snares and Seraph bass drum/tom samples mentioned above are great. They blend very well with Toontrack Metal Machine and are quite easy to fit in a mix if you're not experienced like me.

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    I use mainly Addictive Drums, but I also have the Slate drum samples and they sound great, too.
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    We used Slate 4.0 Platinum on the upcoming Division album, and I was very impressed with it.

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    I used Slate 3.5 a couple of times and really really dig it. I also have EZdrummer (Lite) and that does not even come close.

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