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Thread: Huge Latency Problems with Reaper

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    Huge Latency Problems with Reaper

    So I've used Reaper DAW software for a couple years now. I hadn't done any recording for quite a while and then tried to record some guitar tracks about 2 weeks ago. I'm hearing my guitar/vocal input with a huge delay.
    I'm using a 2.3 GH CPU PC Windows 7 w/4 mg ram. Tascam US-122 digital interface, Sound Blaster SBX external card. I've used all this hardware successfully before. I've uninstalled reaper and sound card software and reloaded to restore defaults.
    I'm thinking it is something with the CPU. I've run every virus and malware program I have.
    Still I'm hearing my mic input with huge delay through headphones and monitor,making it impossible to overdub tracks or even laying down a single guitar track.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated, I'm stuck


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    Did you make sure you're using the Tascam in Reaper as the audio device? And are you using either the Tascam driver or ASIO4All and not the standard ASIO one?

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    On your tascam properties are there any options like:

    - Recording
    - Mixing
    - Record/Mix

    Mixing will give you lots of delay because you dont need realtime. Another thing to notice is if by any chance you have two or more tracks recording at once (even if they not) or some plugs sometimes can cause huge delay, I get this on some free Amp vsts, unloading them from the FX works too if not being used.

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    Are you using ASIO drivers? Go into Reaper preferences to your device and make sure it is set to ASIO. You will always have latency problems otherwise. The only other thing that is iffy is the Soundblaster. The Tascam becomes your soundcard when you use it to record and not only is the soundblaster unnecessary, I could see it causing issues because of that. Reaper could default to that, windows could default to that. etc.

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    Yeah, disable the Soundblaster as an audio device for the first step. I had issues with the integrated audio on my computer being on while using my FireStudio.

    Using ASIO4All is a good move, too.

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    Yeah these are all great suggestions and I will check out each one when I get home from
    work tonight.

    I'm pretty sure that the US-122 DI is set as the audio device but not sure about the driver.
    It could also be the SoundBlaster as mentioned and looking at the Tascam properties and settings
    is something I will also do.

    Thanks for the quick and excellent responses. I will post after I check all these ideas out.
    Wouldn't be the first time I owe you guys a beer.

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    Ok so I downloaded the ASIO4all driver and installed that. I disabled the SBX Sound Card
    in reaper. My Tascam DI now provides the output for monitor and phones. The latency is
    way better and I can actually record over previously recorded tracks.
    I did lower the buffer size all the way down to 125 which helped also, although I think
    I may have some problems on projects with plug-ins and numerous tracks.
    For the time being I'm recording again thanks to all of your suggestions.:

    Thanks Again-Gene

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