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Thread: New song feedback?? (video playthru)

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    New song feedback?? (video playthru)

    hi everyone,

    i uploaded a song i wrote, recorded and mixed over the past few weeks to youtube. i've been working on my writing and mixing lately and i really want to get better at it.

    let me know what your thoughts on the song as well as the production are, any feedback is really appreciated! i got comments from people saying that the ambient guitars are too loud compared to the distorted ones, so things like that really help me for future mixes!

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    I'm no recording expert but I found there was no balance to any of the levels
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    The ambient guitars are definitely too loud. The rhythm, lead guitar and the drums all seem to sit buried in the mix. After turning up the volume I can better hear the distorted rhythm guitars and can state that they sound pretty good. Definitely lower the ambient guitars though and I could see the mix sounding way better.

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    Couldn't figure out what sounded so wrong about it then realised... have u not recorded any bass for this or is it just really quiet?? It would definitely make it feel more alive if the bass was present.

    Love the jazzy upbeat solo at 1:20 :P

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    This is wicked.

    I really dug the tracks.

    Like the above posts said,

    It sounds like you could better mix some of the tracks.

    I'm no recording guru.

    But I noticed what helps me get a better sound is panning.

    It can be a MAJOR headache and afterwards you wanna bang your head against a wall.

    Besides that I love the creativity.

    Plus you are a female.

    That' makes even sicker.

    More females need to jam the guitar.

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