I recently recorded 10 tracks for a quirky goregrind/doom/shred album with my Nux Loop Core (Boss RC-3 clone) loop pedal & a digital handheld recorder. Drums were programmed with a Korg KR Mini (metronome/DM) & "Bass" (guitar simulated/pitch shifted) came from my Zoom G1Xon (cheap multi-effects pedal). The "vocals" (hehe!) were recorded with a $30 chinese condenser mike (no FX!). All tracks were edited & mixed in Audacity and later mastered by some dude on fiver.com. Took me a month from start to finish

So ..it's no Sunlight Studio masterpiece lol....but it does'nt sound bad for what it is either (or by the standards of the genre lol.) . Thought I'd share a couple of tracks and would appreciate any feedback. Of course, it's pretty much cast in stone now. Working the way I did (overdubbing stuff onto a single stereo track output from the looper) does'nt leave any scope for further changes/editing...but I could keep stuff in mind for the next one..

(Btw I'm old-school & can't record/mix on a computer at all...never been able to get the hang of it..so that's the reason I did it this way )