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Thread: Working On A Mix Template For My Band's Next EP

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmeezle View Post
    I carved out some 2k in the guitars and a small amount 2k - 5k range in the overall mix. I uploaded a new file and I think it sounds much better now. Thanks again for the feedback!
    I like that quite a bit.

    Tune gets better on repeated listen as well. Will be interested to hear the full EP. Keep us spammed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDV View Post
    Yep. Mixing is a skill and an art. I don't want to make the same mix twice any more than I want to write the same song twice, and I don't want any fucking presets or mix by numbers crap in my mixes any more than I want someone else to play my guitars for me.

    It's all from a totally goal-oriented, wanna-be internet hero generation of people that want their song recorded, don't want to get someone to do it for them (that's fine, I'd never have learned if I didn't have the same attitude) and just want a Periphery/Ola/Whomever-style mix as fast as possible, with minimal investment of effort so they can get on with the important business of spamming forums with it.

    That's all well and good, and I might just be cranky, but it seems to me to be both detrimental, as you say, and fucking boring.
    Hey, it's fine if you just see home recording as either a songwriting tool, or as just a way to produce a reasonaby good sounding recording with as little time or money as possible. That makes sense to me - my dad hasz zero interest in the recording process, as an example, so something like a template loaded with EzMix presets might make a lot of sense for him, since it takes a lot of the thought out of siomething he doens't want to deal with.

    However, the whole "check out my mixtest!" contingent on /7/, where the do see themselves as "engineers" but they're just trying to create a one-size-fits-all template to drop stems into, makes no sense to me.

    The upside of this conversation is it spurred me to create a tracking template with all my folder routing and input assingments pre-selected so I can boot up a blank project and have pre-routed drums, bass, rhythm, and lead guitar tracks ready to go so I just have to hit arm on the respective tracks. It's not much, but it'll probably savbe me 10 minutes just getting a new project off the ground.
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