Putting Lipstick on the Line6 Pig

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Thread: Putting Lipstick on the Line6 Pig

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    Putting Lipstick on the Line6 Pig

    So after playing with Jeff Broll's GuitarHacks impulses, I decided to turn my attention to Gearbox, of which I haven't been 100% geeked about lately.

    I recorded using the GB software as a means of tone, but the actual signal recorded to Reaper was a totally dry guitar signal. I then "re-amped" it with the GB VST plug-in, but dropped off the L6 speaker modeling and instead used KeFIR with the impulses.

    Wow. What a difference. I highly recommend those using Line6 to continue to do so if they dig the preamp tones, but ditch the cabinet modeling in favor of impulses. It sounds so much more....real.

    And oh yeah, My Mesa still stomps the Gearbox's ass either with the Palmer or the impulses, but that's to be expected I guess!

    Thanks again to Jeff; this is a lot of fun!! BTW, two things, should you see this thread:

    1. What's Recabinet? professionally done impulses?
    2. I'm switching to Mac immediately following the new laptop release Tuesday. Do you know of any good impulse plug-ins for OSX?

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    I have not tried impulses and I'm done with line6 for now but I did experiment by switching off the cab simulation in the Pod and running through the ENGL's frequency compensation and every preset I tried was improved. So I tested my high gain presets with every cab model in the pod vs the model in the ENGL and again nothing came close on the Pod.

    I linked to a few convolution apps on ssorg, I haven't tried any myself but the one that others tried and liked was convolver Convolver-v2A3 (Alpha)

    Let us know how you go.

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