I am looking for musicians to form a band for a new sound I am working on. It is heavy, and sludgy, but not metal. Not really sure what to call it to be honest. I use 7 stringed guitars, tuned to A standard and drop G. Below are some links to some (rough) recordings i've done to give you an idea of the sound. Any interest at all, you can contact me at 7slinger(at)gmail(dot)com or PM me here.

I am in Danville, VA which is about 30 mins from Greensboro NC...right on the border. There are NO musicians here. I've got some connections in the Nashville scene that can hopefully help this project once it gets off the ground. I've also been on a label previously (Open Grave) which may also be a connection with this project in the future.

SoundClick artist: Chris Stoffel - page with MP3 music downloads (rough recordings)