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Thread: I'm a drummer, searching Online Collab

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    I'm a drummer, searching Online Collab

    Hi I'm an italian drummer, I play since 2 years.

    I'm not an expert, I'm searching some guitarist to jam with.
    This is me, to have an idea of my level:

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=108lI6DphTc]SlipKnot - Before I Forget DRUM Cover by Ago - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    I would like to play on some heavy-metal riff, that is NOT the "original" double-bass galloping (turuturuturuturuturu). I would like to play something of more engineered, based on double-bass joint.
    To have an idea (a little far) the drumming of the Lamb Of God.

    So if someone has some ideas I would be happy to talk about.

    PS I use professional sound softwares, for songwriting i use Guitar Pro.

    Cheers from Rome

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    Uhm remember, only one a time.

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    Hey dude,

    I am looking for a drummer and a bassist to work on an album I have written.

    It is stoner, doom, psychadelic, metal in influence. I have complete the first draft of two tracks which you can listen to here:

    h t t p : / / profile.ultimate(dash)guitar(dot)com/Gamblor84/

    would love to hear from you or anyone that mayybe interested

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    I'd be down for this, idk how we're gonna make it work but if you give me drum tracks i can take it from there

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