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Thread: Lead Guitarist Available

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    Lead Guitarist Available

    What Type of Band do I Want?

    - a Melodic Metalcore band
    - hints of progressive elements
    - radio friendly songs (not every song must comply with this)
    - Entertaining stage show is a must
    - Consistent interaction with fan base
    - Seeking or Under management
    - Seeking or Under Record contract
    - New Album every other year
    - Music Videos with consistent release dates
    - Good public representation
    - A well defined target market
    - Target Market appropriate Merchandise
    - Open working relationships with other bands
    - Strong Technological presence (internet/phones/tablets/future tech)
    - Tours national and international (now or eventually)
    - Songs geared toward target market
    - all completed songs are copy written
    - product endorsements
    - Everything on my reverbnation page

    JasperEads Reverbnation Profile

    My Previous Bands RN Profile

    Who are the members of the band?

    - Each member:
    is dedicated achieve to the same band goals
    has the same or similar interests
    has the same or similar influences
    will choose a duty related to the success of the band and do it
    holds each other accountable to their duty
    is SOBER while performing on and off the stage including scheduled band meetings and practice
    is open and honest at all times with each member of the band
    looks out for the best interests of each other
    contacts each member regularly for support and accountability
    has an understanding of where each member is coming from in life
    respects each members duty and the difficulty of each task
    is responsible for practicing at home and being prepared for rehearsal
    is sensitive to each members personal life and life situations
    Makes it to each band meeting and practice
    Will contact the other members if they cannot attend Practice
    will attend EVERY meeting
    Will respect each members level of musical ability and skill set
    Will within their means do the best they can to better their skill set
    Will sign a personal contract to the band that is seen as fair and obtainable by each member
    that complies to these guidelines and the guidelines described by the duty(s) said member
    is held accountable for
    Will participate in stage performance according to each songs requirement as decided by the band
    Will leave past dependencies in the past if they have been resolved
    Will not use previously resolved dependencies against another member for consideration of breach of contract
    holds the right to ownership and royalties of each completed and copy written song
    holds the right to each part in every song they have written and or performed
    holds the right to remove, replace and or rewrite their own part in any song that is incomplete and non-copy written
    holds the right to self terminate their contract at anytime as long as the requirements of all other
    legally binding contracts to the band are satisfied (ie. Endorsement deals, record contracts, legal judgments)
    holds the right to request time off from contractual duty's and private band functions (meetings, practice)
    as approved by each member of the band
    holds the right to reimbursement from the bands earnings for preapproved purchases that are made for the band
    holds the right to call ONE unscheduled band meeting every annual quarter
    holds the right to open involvement in more than one project
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    Wow dude, your list reminds me of that crazy girl friend that makes a rule list for her potential boy friends (torture victims)

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    Ever heard of fun?

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    Might as well add that two members in the band should be lotto winners.

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    He's really approaching this like a business partnership, not like your typical band arrangement. I guess that's admirable for some things, but for the vast majority of musicians it's a HUGE turn-off.

    Also, some of those provisions are a little bit too invasive for even the most "businesslike" band environment.

    "looks out for the best interests of each other"
    "contacts each member regularly for support and accountability"

    It's a band, not a family.

    Again, just my opinion!
    Too much focus leads to tunnel vision
    Too much faith leads to religion
    Too much knowledge leads to confusion
    Too many guitar lessons lead to jazz-fusion

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    holds the right to call ONE unscheduled band meeting every annual quarter
    Why only one, what if something huge comes up and he already used his one unscheduled band meeting for that annual quarter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seanbabs View Post
    Might as well add that two members in the band should be lotto winners.
    word! A very agressive list I may say... good luck with that dear sir.
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    Reminds me of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

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