Hey guys, I'm currently working on releasing an album this year and I need a vocalist. I'm looking for an individual who has their own microphone and recording equipment and who can write catchy lyrics and phrases and send them to me in a decently fast manner. The type of vocals I am looking for is anyone who has a deep aggressive growl i.e. Chris Baretto, Veil of Maya, The Contortionist, Volumes. I also would like that person to have a nice melodic clean singing ability. My production style is very glitchy and electronic-pop sounding so I will tune and do varous glitch and stutter effects with the vocals in the song.

As far as how I work, I am really easy to work with. I don't have an ego nor do I want to deal with anyone who does. I don't believe in forcing a song to be anything. You will have the ability to write about anything that the riffs make you identify with. You will pretty much have the freedom to do your own thing vocally as long as it's catchy and well thought out. All I really ask is that you will put as much effort into this as I have so we can make this an amazing project!

My SoundCloud is Hand Of Taurus's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
My Youtube is HandOfTaurus - YouTube

If you like what you hear and want to work with me, shoot me a PM here or email me at nicolascmorgan@aol.com.

Thanks so much in advance!