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Thread: Seeking insane guitarist to record progressive/technical death metal album(s)

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    Seeking insane guitarist to record progressive/technical death metal album(s)

    check for some songs and teasers of my band.

    I am seeking a highly skilled guitarist (from anywhere in the world) to record one or more albums of progressive/technical death metal. My Norwegian band Okular has already released one album, which became album of the month in Norways Scream Magazine and received 9.5/10 on four webzines. Among the 40 reviews or so which it received, most of them were positive or very positive. The second album will be released soon. (check the teaser on myspace)

    On the first album, Yngve Bolt (Blood Red Throne) did half the vocals. On the second album, Vintersorg (of Borknagar etc) contributes some vocals on one of the songs, while Athera (from Susperia) does half the vocals on 6 songs.

    I have 50-100 songs already written and I am very eager to record more albums. The songs are quite unusual and challenging yet still with intense groove, hooks and power. I write everything in Guitar Pro and find musicians to record the material. The guitarist whom I used on the first two albums is quite busy so it will take some time before he becomes available. One idea is to record another album with pretty much the same lineup but use the present guitarist only for some leads, and release the album under the Okular name. Another option would be to do this as a sideproject, perhaps with different musicians altogether.

    What I seek is a guitarist who is extremely skilled and disciplined, who can record 2-4 new songs pr month continously over a period of a half year or so. Then, the best songs will be selected and an album will be recorded, maybe by the second half of next year. The guitars, bass and vocals would be recorded at home, while the drums would be recorded in a decent studio - where also mixing and mastering would be done professionally. As a guitarist you would need to record tracks at home which could be reamped in the studio - or perhaps it would be even better if you use AXE FX or a similar technology.

    Both of our first albums were recorded at Norways Strand Studio (The Wretched End, feat. Samoth Ex-Emperor, Chrome Division feat Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir etc). The drums for the new album(s) would be recorded with similar quality and the album would have a similar level of mix/mastering.

    Contact me by email: andreas.aubert(at)

    Only serious responses please. This is challenging stuff and takes discipline, so better not to waste time (your time as well as mine) if you know you are not really up to it.

    However if you feel you are up to it, I warmly welcome your response. Maybe we can record a kickass album together!

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    If you don't find that person here, definitely come back and post the results when you do - that sounds like an awesome project man. Good luck!

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    What happened to Alex? He showed me some riffs a while ago, really fucked up stuff to play, haha. Isn't he in the band anymore?

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    I am willing to give this a shot. Hit me back for more details and some recordings that I have done. I decided to just reply to your post, but would you prefer e-mail? Also, I just joined this site today (because I didn't know it existed) but don't let that effect your decision. Give it a chance, and I can meet the standards. Maybe even set new ones.

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