Hi guys,

I've been writing some stuff recently which largely involves fusing metal/rock with brass/RnB/Randomness. But to help me bring these ideas to fruition I need other musicians. Specifically guitar and bass players with heavy and complex leanings.

I’m actually a drummer but I’ve been dabbling in some guitar and trying to press on with the random ideas I have in my head. I think its about time somebody combined New Orleans second line brass music with heavy guitars, after not being able to really find that anywhere I figured that someone might have to be me!

The problem is my guitar chops are pretty limited. I suppose what I need are guitarist/bass players who are into the concept, at least on a basic level like the ideas I have so far and want to be song writing partners. I have four fully ish fledged songs at the moment, but I’m happy to have them completely dabbled with.

This is not a band, everything will be done digitally sharing stuff via email/dropbox with each other. So if you are already in a band and fancy a wacky side project then great.

You can email me direct if you would like to hear the tracks at paul@captiveaudio.co.uk and I'll send you some links to some tunes. Alternatively get in touch here and I’ll drop you a pm.