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Thread: Vocals for online collaboration

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    Vocals for online collaboration

    Here is a raw track for a singer. I am looking to do a whole EP. Keep in mind I have not done a lot of layering or polishing to the track, just a demo to get it out there. I am open to moving the structure around. Really just looking for a good singer to do an EP. Most of my stuff is a bit heavier than this track, but I though this one would give someone a good opportunity to do some singing and screaming. Im a big fan of stuff like KSE, All That Remains, In Flames, etc....
    Anyway, check it out. Drummers, Bass players..... If you can make it better I am all open to suggestions or collaborations as well.

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    I can do low death growls and gutturals, raw black metal high screams, and harsh thrash vocals. Id definitely be up to trying out, but only if youre interested, if you are, add me on Facebook at Merrick Thacker, im the one in the red shirt throwing up the horns.

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