Hi, my band are currently looking for a drummer. We have been going for a year and roughly two thirds. We have a clear ambition to work our way up in the music scene without being held back. Our music is mainly influenced by Thrash Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Groove Metal, Prog and NWOBHM.
Although we've had a long period of not showing much activity, earlier this year we have played with bands such as Kremated, Victorian Whore Dogs, Mark Their Silence and A Trust Unclean. We have also had coverage from Infernal Rock Radio and High Speed Hangover podcast. (However, these were with our demos recorded in March which we have taken down as we did not feel that they were up to the standard we thought they should be.
We're looking for someone with similar ambition to us as well as gear, a passion for music and commitment. The plan for once we have found a drummer is to rehearse weekly for 6 months (during which we will record a new demo) before gigging again for a few months locally (to Reading) and then moving on to out of town gigs.
If you are interested, please message me on here or email terrorfirmaband@gmail.com