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Thread: The Formula One 2009 Thread

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    The Formula One 2009 Thread

    Hey all. I created the F1 2008 thread on last year but thought i'd make it on this time around

    Yes, the 2008 season has only just finished, but anyone who follows Formula One will know that there now starts a buzz of rumors and information right up until March when the new season starts, so here we are.

    2009 Driver Line-up:

    BMW: Kubica, Heidfeld
    McLaren: Hamilton, Kovalinen
    Ferrari: Massa, Raikkonen
    Renault: Alonso, Piquet Jr.
    Red Bull: Webber, Vettell
    Toro Roso: Buemi, Bourdais
    Brawn GP: Button, Barichello
    Force India: Fisichella, Sutil
    Williams: Nakajima, Rosberg
    Toyota: Trulli, Glock

    2009 Race Calander:

    27 - 29 Mar: Australia
    03 - 05 Apr: Malaysia
    17 - 19 Apr: China
    24 - 26 Apr: Bahrain
    08 - 10 May: Spain
    21 - 24 May: Monaco
    05 - 07 Jun: Turkey
    19 - 21 Jun: England
    10 - 12 Jul: Germany
    24 - 26 Jul: Hungary
    21 - 23 Aug: Spain (Euro GP)
    28 - 30 Aug: Belgium
    11 - 13 Sep: Italy
    25 - 27 Sep: Singapore
    02 - 04 Oct: Japan
    16 - 18 Oct: Brazil
    30 Oct - 01 Nov: Abu Dhabi

    *Canada and France are off the calendar

    More info and whatnot soon
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    I'm hoping Bourdais gets confirmed at Toro Rosso, now they've improved the car and a bit more to his liking, he's starting to show his true potential.

    Also, can't wait for the Abu Dhabi race

    Whats the predictions for the title? Hamilton to retain? Massa and/or Raikkonnen to get it back to Ferrari, maybe Heikki coming up? Who knows, maybe Kubica, Alonso and Vettel could put in a showing too

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    Ditto in regards to Bourdais, i'd be gutted if he doesn't get a seat, his season really picked up in places, i'm sure next year will be much stronger for him. I'd like a Senna/Bourdais line-up really but rumors hint towards Buemi.

    I couldn't even hazard a guess at the championship, last season I would never in a million years have predicted what Renault achieved at the back end of the championship, and with the big shake-up who knows. Hopefully there's a good scrap up there! I'm a Heikki fan, but was generally disappointed by him last season, I hope he has some sort of revelation over the winter and gets into contention.

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    Yeah, I think he was too unlucky early in the year, and it kinda dented his confidence, and also his time to get used to the car I reckon. He doesn't have quite the flash of amazingness like Hamilton, Alonso, Raikonnen (although with him its touch and go), Schumacher had (as much as I didn't like the guy), Vettel etc who just seem to have insane car control and awesome feel for the conditions. I think he'll do well though, and hey, he won a race which most of the grid couldn't say that this year.

    Sounds similar to what happened to Jorge Lorenzo in MotoGP, started looking like a title contender, but the accidents screwed his confidence and he never got back on top all year.

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    First pics in from Barca testing, check out the size difference of both the front and rear wings for the new regulations:

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    What are the new regulations? And man, thats an ugly car.

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    Way less aerodynamic aids (all the little pieces all over the place they used to have), thinner and higher rear wing, flatter and wider front ring (as you can tell), and back to slick tyres again.

    Also, KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) is coming in, which will supposedly save energy from braking and be usable on straights, sort of a push to pass system. A bit gimmicky, but could be interesting....

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    New Ferrari F60

    New Toyota TF109

    New McLaren MP4-24

    They actually look pretty frickin' sweet, especially the Toyota and the back of the McLaren

    P.S. Ron Dennis has stepped down as McLaren team principal.
    Dennis to stand down as McLaren boss - Yahoo! Eurosport UK

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