The 2010 24hrs of Le Mans thread.

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Thread: The 2010 24hrs of Le Mans thread.

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    The 2010 24hrs of Le Mans thread.

    Once again. It's that time of the year for me to stock up on provisions (ie: A LOT of coffee & Red Bull) and lock myself away for the weekend. As much as I generally dislike SPEED's overload of NASCAR coverage during the rest of the year. Their coverage of Le Mans fucking rules. We get nearly the entire race, with the exception of when they go to Montreal to cover qualifying for the Canadian GP.

    Important links:

    Spotters guide for all classes:

    Radio LeMans (streaming trackside reporting):

    Live timing and scoring:

    First qualifying session results (pdf file): 2010_24_Heures_du_Mans_24_Heures_du_Mans_Qualifyin g_1.pdf

    SPEED TV's coverage page with live alternate feed streaming (might not be available outside N.America):

    So far the LMP1 class looks like a bit of a blowout by Peugeot. But we'll see if Audi has anything for them during tonights qualifying.

    Looking forward to the GT1 battle. I don't remember if any of them were entered last year; but it looks like the FordGT is actually a serious contender to win their class this year. It's good to see them back at Le Mans.

    GT2 is shaping up to be probably the most entertaining. Ferrari-vs-Corvette-vs-Porsche-vs-BMW. Expect this to be a dogfight for probably the entire race. I don't really mind who wins this one. As long as it's a team from the ALMS series.

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    I'm looking forward to it, nothing like 24 hours of awesome racing

    It is interesting to see the power shift to Peugeot though, last year looked closer, this year looks like Audi's only chance is to aim for the Peugeots when they come round to lap them.

    Also nice to see Highcroft turn up for the first time and already be on the pace.

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    Not even 5 laps in and Mansell is already being carted away. That was the absolute worst place to go off since it's now the quickest part of the circuit. I don't think he would've been so lucky if this were to have happened at night.

    Also somebody please tell McNish that this race is 24hrs long. Some really aggressive driving on that first lap.

    Again, it's nice to see the Ford GT's back at LeMans. They look absolutely gorgeous running on this circuit.

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    Also. The Risi 430 got sent to the back of the grid, as it failed scrutineering. They had an illegally modified rear wing. Well that explains why they were so fast during qualifying. The factory removed bolts from the gurney flap so it would flex back when going down the straight.

    Ferrari cheating? Nahhh. They must've been FIAT bolts that fell off during shipping or somewhere on the circuit.

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    RUH ROH!!! #3 Peugeot already in big trouble. Pedro Lamy what the hell were you doing??? This guy is doing 150 with only 3 tires?

    And he wonders why there's a hole in floor of the monocoque when he finally got back into the pits.

    AUDI is loving this.

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    I feel sorry for Bourdais in this, I'm a fan of the guy, despite a lot of people thinking he's a bit of a dick, and it seems like he needs some good luck. Poor bugger.

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    What I don't get is why didn't the pit wall radio to Lamy and tell him to slow down? They had to have seen what he was doing. I can't believe they were OK with the speed he was doing with that tire down.

    EDIT: Speculation is that the lower wishbone actually tore itself off the monocoque.

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    The Peugeot mechanics look like vulture caricatures.
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