2010-2011 NFL Season Thread

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Thread: 2010-2011 NFL Season Thread

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    2010-2011 NFL Season Thread

    Opening day!

    - Pats look great. Carlson Palmer does not.
    - Houston over Indy? wtf?

    Pats 1-0!

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    Houston looks good this year I watched a couple of their preseason games

    WTF is up with Randy Moss' last press conference

    Opening Steeler game vs Atlanta.....ugh it was a win at least....

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    Houston actually looks really good this year. I am worried about them. Glad to see the Jags get the win over Denver.

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    Anytime the Cowboys lose is a great day for me, especially in the manner they lost yesterday.

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    The scary thing is the Texans offense was all ground based. We all know Schaub can throw, so can you imagine what will happen if both the passing and running game start firing on all cylinders?

    I bet the Lions and the Rams might have a few upsets in them this year. They are both better than the pushover teams they've been the last couple years.

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    The Steelers complete lack of an offense today is painfully apparent. 5 turnovers by the Titans... and the score is 13-3. 13 Steeler points that came from a kickoff return touch down and 2 field goals

    Then again I guess when you're down to your 4th quarterback it's to be expected This game is sort of like watching a circus...

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    The Cardinals season is going so well so far. We're not missing Kurt Warner at all.

    Goddamn it this guy sucks.


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    Someone needed to tell the Patriots yesterday that NFL games are more than 15 minutes long. 100-5 on yardage and like 13/2 for time of possession in the first quarter. Then they just started to suck. Our D made Mark Sanchez look like Joe Montana.

    Nice to see Eli lose, though.

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