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    Cross Country Skis

    Anyone get into CC skiing? I know there isn't much winter left, but after taking a walk around a local place today, tons of people were there CC-ing, and it looked pretty awesome.

    These are $120:

    Rossignol Evo Glade AR Cross-Country Skis at

    And another like $75 for boots. Is that all I need, plus some poles? (tee hee) Are those shitty for someone like me that just wants to zip around on the snow pack for an hour or two?

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    Well, you'll need bindings, too.

    That said, those are touring skis. Designed for the classic technique, and with a waxless base. One, were the guys you were watching doing the traditional "parallel skis, kick back to move forward" thing, or were they doing V's kind of like what you use to get from chairlift to chairlift?

    I'm betting the later, and FWIW, I think the skating technique is WAY more fun. You're kind of dependent on groomed trails, true, but it's significantly faster. If you're looking to start, that's the way I'd go.

    And, if you're looking to do the classical technique, I'd man up and get a non-waxless pair. Yeah, kickwax is a PITA, and don't even get me started on klister, I still have nightmares about that shit and I haven't used it since high school. But, the little grippy teeth on the bottom of a waxless set in place of the wax just kind of suck. They're loud, they drag on the snow a bit, and they're not really any more effective than kick wax. Less, really, to be perfectly honest. It's a lot like riding a bike with offroad tires on pavement, really.

    Also worth keeping in mind - you can buy boots designed for both skating AND classical, that have an ankle support that clips out. I'd do that, even if you're just interested in one technique for now. There's a few subtle differences, mostly in sole stiffness, but nothing you'll miss as a recreational skiier and if down the road you do decide you want to buy a second pair for the other technique you won't need a new pair of boots.
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    I'm looking for a cheap set that I can zip around hiking trails with. The dudes that I saw in the park looked like normal skiing, with poles, kind of like what your buddies do in flat spots at Killington while you're shuffling along like an asshole on your snowboard.

    And by you, of course I mean me.

    So I don't want touring skis, then? I want something I can kick around on semi-packed trails with for a couple of hours, nothing fancy, since the snow will be gone (I hope) in a month or two.

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