Valentino Rossi *not retiring from MotoGP.

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Thread: Valentino Rossi *not retiring from MotoGP.

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    Valentino Rossi *not retiring from MotoGP.

    End of an Era: MotoGP Legend Valentino Rossi to Retire by Year's End

    t's been a year and a half since 9-time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi, arguably the greatest rider to ever tackle the world's top tier of motorcycle racing, joined forces with Ducati in what was supposed to be an Italian match made in heaven. But the past 18 months have been disastrous, resulting in crashes and injuries, middling finishes, and a brutal reversal of fortune for the 33-year old racer.

    Insider sources have indicated that Valentino Rossi will opt to retire from motorcycle racing by the time his two-year contract with Ducati expires at the end of this season-- if not, sooner, but not likely before the Laguna Seca races in July or Indianapolis event in August.

    The Telegraph suggests that chief engineer and mentor Jeremy Burgess's departure from MotoGP might have something to do with Rossi's decision. Also fueling the cause could be his promising performance in race car tests, reinforcing daredevil Travis Pastrana's oft-used phrase, "With age, get a cage."

    Wherever he lands, Valentino Rossi's exit from MotoGP racing is sure to leave the sport with an irreplaceable hole.
    Hate to say it's Ducati's fault, but... It's Ducati's fault.

    Monster rider and a lot of fun to watch.

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    Well, I'll just leave this here since the only thing less popular than Simon's F1 threads on here are MotoGP threads...

    But reveals that this is, in fact, not true.!/ValeYellow46/...06154346463232

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    I literally just screamed WHAT after reading the title. Thanks for ruining my day. Glad I was already on my way to being drunk.

    And then I read the second post.

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    I would have just deleted it, but I honestly didn't think there was another single person on here that cared about MotoGP.

    As you can tell by the post times, I posted the first one thinking "WTF" then googled immediately to find his twitter account, haha.

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    I used to be a big fan but haven't paid much attention lately.

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    I don't think he'd ever give up and retire mid-season.

    I hope he's nearer the podium by year's end.

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    I watch MotoGP all the time.

    My thoughts though are he needs a bike which is within a very specific range to get anywhere. When it is, he's blindingly good, when he's not, he is being caught up by Randy De Puniet on a tuned Superbike. He can't seem to ride around a bike, or ride around problems.

    Simple way to look at it, Casey Stoner is on the podium with the Duke, 24 hours later Rossi is struggling to make the top 10. I honestly think that because Casey has been working on a bike which is fundamentally flawed, he's learned to ride his bollocks off and push to the absolute limit to get what he can out of the bike. Moment he got on the HRC, no-one else stood a chance. Rossi has been far too used to bikes which are easier to ride, and thus when he gets on one which is flawed, he's lost.

    If he can't get the bike sorted by the end of the year, I'd be looking at him moving to World SBK to get some of the fun back. This is partly because he needs a morale boost, and also partly because I'm a superbike fan, so I'd love to see what he could do on them.

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