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    New Years Rezs

    Well, here we are...another year down.

    Did you have a new years resolution from last year?
    Did you keep it?
    What is it for this year?

    Ill go;
    Resolution from last year?
    Last year I said I would go car-less.

    Did you keep it?
    Yes and No. I have driven 3 times this year. Once, was summer funeral that I didn't want to show up covered in sweat, or crumple my suit in a bag to change there. Then with the 2" of ice we had last week, I drove twice. Studded tires are on manufacturer back order until 09'. Not too shabby.

    Resolution for this year?
    I want to be able to do the cardio and calisthenics portion of Mike Tysons workout from 1988;
    "Daily Regime (7 days a week):
    5am: get up and go for a 3 mile jog
    6am: come back home shower and go back to bed (great workout for those huge legs of his)
    10am wake up: eat oatmeal
    12pm: do ring work (10 rounds of sparring)
    2pm: have another meal (steak and pasta with fruit juice drink)
    3pm: more ring work and 60 mins on the exercise bike (again working those huge legs for endurance)
    5pm: 2000 sit-ups; 500-800 dips; 500 press-ups; 500 shrugs with a 30kg barbell and 10 mins of neck exercises
    7pm: steak and pasta meal again with fruit juice (orange i think it was)
    8pm: another 30 minutes on the exercise bike
    then watch TV and then go to bed.

    (Before jogging in the morning he did a lot of stretching followed by 10 jumps onto boxes and 10 bursts of sprints, then he went jogging. At 12pm he sparred. At 3pm he did focus mitt work or heavy bag work inside the ring. He warmed up for all ring work with light exercises such as skipping or shadow boxing or speed ball. At 5pm Tyson did 10 quick circuits, each circuit consisting of: 200 sit-ups, then 25-40 dips, then 50 press-ups, then 25-40 dips, then 50 shrugs, followed by 10 mins of neck work on the floor. What an animal! Tyson said that the shrugs "built his shoulders up" to help unleash punches with his short arms whilst at the same time building endurance in the neck. It should be noted though that Tyson couldn't do any more than 50 sit-ups a day and 50 press-ups a day when he was 13, but gradually increasing the reps each week got him to a higher level over many years, so that he was doing 2000 sit-ups inside 2 hours every day by the time he was 20.)"

    Post up your NYRez' so we can bust each others chops for abandoning them.
    Hands are the voice...

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    ^if you start off day one like that you'll probably end up with a nice case of rhabdo

    Clean & Jerk 350lbs
    Snatch 225+lbs
    Strict Press 230+lbs
    "Fran" under 2:30
    "Murph" under 30:00

    Join Army ROTC and go to a real college.

    Yeah, I just copied these from

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    Res last year: None. Was going through a weird mojo where I didn't care about anything (depression?).

    Res this year: Save up the money to get my teeth fixed.
    I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

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    Last years: Didn't have one.

    This years: Stop being such a moody prick all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by DelfinoPie View Post

    This years: Stop being such a moody prick all the time
    At least you recognized it.

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    i dont believe in the new years rez, i mean, if you want to change something about yourself, why wait for the new year? just do it!

    but good luck to you guys that are trying. Nothing wrong with trying to better yourselves
    Confront and Cry

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