So my beloved and well abused Audi 80 Quattro is on its last legs and while I don't need to replace it immediately I can't see it lasting until the end of the year. I'm setting myself a budget of 4K (plus whatever I can get for parting out the remnants of my baby) and would prefer RWD or AWD or at least something that would be fun to autocross. I have a few cars in mind (E30 3-series, older E36's, 1.8T A4s, 20v Coupe Quattros) but I know there are some that I'm not thinking of right now.

I also have a stupid prejudice against Civics/Integras/Sentras/other ricer-boxes because I spent my formative car years around people that spent way too much watching The Fast and the Furious. I know they are good options but I wouldn't buy one unless I absolutely had too

And because you guys like pictures: