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Thread: Used car trouble - what next?

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    Used car trouble - what next?

    Hi guise,

    So I bought a new car formyself. Or a used one. An Audi TT quattro, 2001 model, 165 kW version boosted to about 260 hp. And it was cool, and I was WOW and SWEET. Talk about dem feelings.

    But, as fun it is to drive, a whole lot less fun is when during the first day you get a "check engine" light. Well, everything responded just fine, temp wasn't out of control and everything seemed normal so I kept driving. Next day (which was day 2 of ownership for me) to the shop. Phew, faulty sensor, fixed under warranty, but damn what a scare.

    And what happens today? Less than a weel of purchase? Well, I was thinking I'd go and install some new sweet tunemachines in my Audi, when... battery dead. Boom, baby. To teh shoppe and a new battery. Working again.

    Right now I'm losing my love for Audi's at a rate the driving experience can't compensate, and I'd hate to be an ass with a lousy car. Okay, faulty sensors and dying batteries, all natural in the world of old cars, but both inside one week? I'm kind of expecting for the quattro's Haldex oil pump to just fall apart next week. I can imagine, letting me get out of the parking lot only to make a sound that a apart-falling AWD tranny makes when it falls apart on the driveway. I feel like a kid who got his favourite toy for christmas only to find out it can't withstand anything. Kinda pissed.

    At least the engine sounds healthy, no sign of power loss etc, and it has been maintained according to the maintenance program. So that's something. And it is fun to drive, sure thing, at least when I'm not jumpy about what happens next.

    Had to lose some pressure here, sorry for the rant.

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    A faulty sensor is a nothing thing, really, especially if it was done under warranrty. provided the alternator is working fine, the battery going is probably a symptom of them not checking it. If you get another problem I'd go back and have some serious words with them, but for now, you just seem to be a (particularly unlucky, for a one-week old-) second hand car owner. Good thing there's a warranty, though. When does it expire?
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    Warranty is based on parts changed, but somewhere between 6 months and a year, approximately. And yeah, faulty sensors really are nothing, but coming so often does shake me up a bit I checked the alternator today with my friend's dad who flew to rescue, gives a nice 14,6 volts while running. Should be just the old battery, but I'll know soon enough I guess...

    Gonna cruise some tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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